Anticipating Autumn with Salon De Choix!

It will be 2 full years that I have been collaborating with Salon De Choix...
Thanks to them for being my lovely sponsor for all my hair needs and vanity!
I always love the results that I get from each of the hair sessions.
Hence, the latest one is of course, a delight.

It was a delight for I did a major change during August's session with them!
For the first time in many years, I did a DARK COLOR hair dye job instead!

 photo DSC08038_.jpg

What do you think of the end result, as shown in the picture above? My skin seems to look fairer, my hair seems to look healthier and smoother, and you have to agree that the dark color is so fitting for the alluring Autumn season! :p

But wait a minute,
how was my hair looking like just as I entered the salon?
Look at photo below.
Light-colored, dark hair roots, split ends!
 photo DSC07910_.jpg

I simply had to do something about it! Especially so as I was having a photo shoot the next day! My hair tresses needed to be in the best condition and it has to look the BEST that it could ever be! Hence, Chester, my Salon De Choix's stylist, comes to the rescue!

Firstly, we had the usual mini consultation session, where I will show him some photos as reference, and he will do the same as well. I will share with him colors that I prefer, or if there are any upcoming events in my life, etc. Always remember... Your hair stylist, apparently will and do know many bits and pieces of your life, hahaha! For this session, we agreed on using B5.02, which is a lavender brown color. It has that purplish undertone in the dye, which gives the slight cool tone despite that afterall, it is still  - Brown.

 photo DSC07911_.jpg

 photo DSC07915_.jpg

Letting the colors to be absorbed into my hair
 photo DSC07916_.jpg

After the relaxing hair wash session after rinsing off the hair dye,
it was time for my hair treatment!
 photo Aug01_.jpg

I loved that my treatment products were made to be rich in argan oil!
It effectively helps to improve my hair texture, elasticity, shine and strength!

 photo DSC07923_.jpg

 photo Aug03_.jpg

 photo Aug02_.jpg

Once my hair treatment was done, my hair was rinsed,
and I returned back to my seat.
And to be surprised by the soothing warm towel at the back of my neck.
It felt sooooooooo good!

 photo DSC07953_.jpg

While waiting for my hair snip!
 photo DSC07963_.jpg

Check out the close-up photo below!
See how smooth my hair  is, and how healthy the hair ends are especially!
 photo DSC07965_.jpg

I was stroking through my hair.
With obvious signs of me being so satisfied
with the hair color AND the smoothness!
 photo DSC07973_.jpg

Time to snip those ends and to give a hair a good nice shape!
 photo DSC07975_.jpg

So smooth, so smooth....
I marvelled at my own hair, looking at myself in the mirror. Haha!
 photo DSC07986_.jpg

Take a closer look at my ends, after Chester did my hair trim for me. :)
 photo DSC07985_.jpg

The back view!
 photo DSC08018_.jpg


All thanks to Salon De Choix! :)

 photo DSC07993_.jpg

Personally, I feel the dark color is indeed very suitable for the upcoming autumn season. This new hair color differs from the past many hair color sessions that I had. With that lavender tone, it does not project just a normal brown color, and that is the interesting aspect of this shade!

As much as this darker color may give a serious look, it looks stylish in its own way too! :) My hair looks healthier in this dark shade. On top of that, the hair treatment works well that my hair feels smooth and silky. Yes, I could not help but to keep touching my hair!

And given the fact that I am heading off to Europe this week, I am absolutely pleased with this hair color! ^_^

More of my selfie shots below, and in my next post! 
Watch out for it! :)

 photo Aug05_.jpg

If you are interested to make an appointment at Salon De Choix,

mention my name 'Feliza'  when you call to the salon 

and get 15% discount off your total bill~

(Not applicable for promotions)


CALL TO BOOK AN APPT: +65 6836 2959!

My stylist's name is Chester!

For more information about Salon De Choix, 
check out their FACEBOOK

Salon De Choix is located at: 
3 Killiney Road #01-06 
Winsland House 1
Singapore 239519

 photo DSC08013_.jpg

#ThrowBackThursday: Lights! Camera! Action!

 I was never the kind that have tons of trophies... I could only recall two which I have received. One was for a coloring competition in pre-school, and the other was for being a finalist for Miss Singapore International beauty pageant. The rest were simply medals, or that I did not win at all.

Of recent years, I did not receive a trophy. But my friend, Smith, did. He bagged the 'Best Lifestyle Blog' title in this year's OMY Singapore Blog Awards. Throughout the years of friendship with him, I got to know him as a humorous guy, and one who speaks his mind and airs his opinions openly (Even if it is about sex or whatever scandalous things you can think of. LOL).

A week after his win, the reigning champion asked if I would like to be a part of a video with him, along with his friend Terry, and videographer Xian Rong. Smith said it was to demonstrate 10 things to do with a trophy (which he received for the above-mentioned award).

Sounds interesting already!

I said "Yes", of course! Afterall, I could finally be starring one of such "Top 10" or those "10 types" kind of videos!!! Yes, videos from the likes of Dan Khoo,  WahBanana and NOC (for example), bring sniggers and LOL moments during the many quiet, lonely (and sometimes, partner-less) nights of mine. Who knows, I (or Smith or Terry) can humor you as well?

So we did the filming one morning...
And this is our video, click below to watch! 

Special thanks to Xian Rong for shooting and editing the video.
I love both visual and sound effects that he added!!!
He does mainly wedding-related shoots, of which you can check his works [HERE]. 

Just so you know, I was involved in TVCs, corporate videos, 
local/foreign drama series and variety shows in the past...
But that was many years ago.
Doing this latest video actually brought back fond memories of
being infront of a camera, acting away. :)
This is my #ThrowBackThursday moment haha!

Please feel free to leave a comment to feedback on the video!
This video was done just for fun, no intention to annoy, upset, insult or disgust anyone! ;p

Beautiful Hair = More Selfies!

I always walk out of Salon De Choix with added confidence.
And that's because I know I look good with amazing hair.
And that was what I felt after seeing how my hair was styled by Chester and Alvin.

 photo DSC05010_2a.jpg

Hence, I could not help but to take more selfies!
We shouldn't let such beautifully-styled hair go to waste right??? :p

14 Selfies
and more

 photo DSC04934_.jpg

 photo DSC04946_2.jpg

 photo DSC04952_2.jpg

 photo DSC04955_.jpg

 photo DSC04962_2.jpg

 photo DSC04964_2.jpg

 photo DSC04980_.jpg

 photo DSC04981_.jpg

 photo DSC04982_.jpg

 photo DSC04993_2.jpg

 photo DSC04997_.jpg

My casual OOTD!
 photo DSC05009_.jpg

And who remember those days when taking selfies
were better known as 'camwhoring'?

I still remembered how my older blog posts had tons
of camwhore photos. Those were the days! Haha! :p

 photo 01a_.jpg

Thanks to Salon De Choix for my
beautiful hair all these while!!! ^_^

 photo DSC05003_2.jpg

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