Britons Voted For United Kingdom To Leave European Union (EU) in Britain Exit (Brexit). Global Economy In Frenzy. What's Next For Britain?

Britain's 23 June Referendum - To Stay or Leave the European Union?
Unlike Greece's mulish desire to stay in the European Union (EU), Britain has, over the years, expressed utmost desire to leave the EU. The former would probably have a GREXIT (Greece Exit) if not for the last bailout by the EU. Whereas for Britain, the withdrawal from the EU was decided by tens of millions of British voters in this divisive referendum that will shape the ties between Britain and EU - To remain in the EU or to leave the EU and regain UK sovereignty? What will be the decision that Britons make after years of bitter talk?

BRITONS HAVE SPOKEN - United Kingdom Withdraws From the EU
Mirrored after GREXIT, it is known as BREXIT (British Exit), and the stakes were high. While the votes were constantly updated, most of it leaned towards leaving the EU. Below is the final result of this referendum - BRITAIN IS LEAVING THE EUROPEAN UNION AFTER 43 YEARS, with a 51.9% of voters polled 'YES' for the withdrawal. United Kingdom is the FIRST country to leave the EU bloc.


Push Factors for Britain to Leave EU
The top three debate topics for leaving EU commonly fell back on the reason of UK's sovereignty loss to the EU, the EU's burdensome economic regulations, and the EU's liberal rules for internal migration. The EU consists of 28 members states, and one of the laws rules that members have to admit unlimited numbers of migrant from the other EU countries.

When I was living in London, I came across frequent newspapers articles on the immigration issues. Most were not thrilled about the Syrian refugee crisis, though UK ranks 13th out of 28 countries in terms of failing to resettle the number of people it has promised to take in. With the heightened fear of terrorism (Paris, Brussels, etc), most Britons disagree with the EU's free-migration rules as they believed it may allow more terrorists to enter into United Kingdom easier. But all these years, UK could not do anything about this, or even other issues, as EU laws override all national laws. Other reasons for Britain to leave EU can be read in [THIS ARTICLE].

Brexit's Effect on the Currency and Capital Markets
Widely discussed and warned by governments, capital analysts and investors across the globe, the referendum if passed, will affect global financial markets and roil the currency, commodity and capital markets, and many other sectors such as import/export, property, automotive, medical and travel. It was said that if Brexit happens, the British economy may shrink by between 3.8 and 7.5 percent by 2030 — depending on how well subsequent negotiations for access to the European market ultimately went.

London may lose its attractiveness as a financial hub, that many international banks and financial institutions are currently based at. The Square Mile and Canary Wharf are the two central financial districts (CBD) in London. Banks may move their operations out of UK, as voiced out by Morgan Stanley president, Colm Kellleher on his bank's probable decision. Hence, it was not surprising that Londoners voted to remain in the EU (Check out this article too to check out how UK has voted in terms of area).

View of Canary Wharf from the area where I lived in London
(Lived near South Quay DLR, 5 minutes' walk to London's CBD)

Stirling Pound Plummeted To a 30-year Low
Since the start of the campaign in February this year, the pound has been fluctuating vigorously (Yes, I have been tracking this as I have vested interests in the Stirling Pound). But even without the conclusion of the votes, the visceral effect of the Stirling Pound have was observed as the British currency have plummeted to a 30-year low against the US Dollars. Many have been holding on their cash to buy on the dip. Where in UK itself, the Britons were scrambling to exchange their pounds to other currencies in view of the busy Summer vacation period of June to August.

Asia Markets In Red
While typing this article, I was concurrently watching the Bloomberg live telecast and discussion online. The telecast showed the global stock markets performance, and it was alarming to see the sea of red across the markets. In Asia markets, traders started their day in the wee hours of the morning as the most of the international markets were experiencing tumbling effects as the voting result kept updating, with panic sweeping across the financial markets.

Effect of Brexit on Japan Market
Japanese Yen has gone up, much to the probable dismay of those intending to visit Japan for vacations. Business-wise, companies that rely heavily on Japan imports like parallel imported Japanese cars will be affected. The Japanese government sees the demand for the safe-haven yen as a crisis as it would hurt Japan's exports, and they have been attempting to keep the yen low to stimulate economic growth and boost inflation. On another note, NIKKEI, the Japan stock market, is suffering the worst day in five years.

Gold Price Rises
To investors, gold seems to be the best bet in the long run. Gold prices surged to a two-year high. While pound being dumped rapidly, the glittering attractiveness of this commodity increased. This is, despite the fact that there is no real pattern to spot gold price changes following major shock events, as analysed in the Bloomberg chart as seen below.

Following the Brexit, this may cause contamination whereby other EU countries may follow suit. For example, France may call for a referendum, and have their own FREXIT. Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Italy may follow suit.

Will David Cameron Lose His Job?
David Cameron, UK's current Prime Minister pledged in January 2013 that a referendum to decide if UK remain or leave the EU will be implemented, should the Conservatives wins a parliamentary majority at the 2015 General Election. However, he stood firmly to what he said that he "will campaign with all his heart and soul for Britain to stay in the EU when the referendum comes", having held rallies over the last few weeks to get UK citizens to vote for the stay in EU. He laid his reputation on the line by doing so, hence analysts reported that it will be difficult for him to keep his job for a long term.

Updated: David Cameron announced of his resignation during his post-Brexit poll speech at 10 Downing Street. This is despite that nearly two-thirds of Brexit-backing Tory MPs sent a letter directly to David Cameron to remain in office regardless of the Referendum results. Cameron will step down as Prime Minister by end October 2016, after holding this post for six years. He leaves the invoking of the Article 50 and other agreements and negotiations to the new PM.

For Myself
UK has a special place in my heart. It was in Central London that I spent some of my happiest months of recent years at. Following this Brexit issue for quite some time, I respect what the majority Britons voted for, with the country of split views waking up this morning (24 June 2016) to the decision of the UK withdrawal from the EU. Amidst the current economic and political impacts from the voting results, let's see how UK makes the best out of this double-edged sword event. Nevertheless, I cannot wait to be back in UK - Pounds up or down, Part of EU or not.

 photo LondonSummary01.jpg

*All efforts were done to ensure no individual views and opinions of my own was expressed in this article due to possible conflicting situations. This article is a consolidation of various views, analysis and market conditions that is/will/has been  affected, as reported by online and televised news sources.

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 photo IMG_9129.jpg

Gillette, the global leader in shave care, recently launched their latest razor model, Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Technology. "The Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Technology is the first shaver of its kind to pivot sideways and bring another range of motion to shaving, resulting in maximum contact over facial contours and providing the closest shave possible", as mentioned in the press release. This razor comes in two models - Manual and Power.

 photo P1040166_2.jpg

Key product features of the all-new Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Razor include:
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 photo Gillette.jpg

Gillette Singapore held a 3-weeks' long roadshow at 313@Somerset and invited shoppers to PERSONALIZE their very own Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Technology razor. The customization was the first in Asia, hence it certainly was a brilliant gift idea for the upcoming Father's Day, as well as for your husband, boyfriend, brother, guy buddy.

Being someone who has always been big on name personalization (Since my name, Feliza, can NEVER be found on ready-made name keychains, bookmarks, table display items, etc), I went to the roadshow to purchase and customize a razor for the special Man in my life. And yes, he was surprised, and loved how clean it was after a shave using this razor.

No facial hair was harmed during the photo shoot.
 photo IMG_9136.jpg

If you are following me on my Instagram, you would have known that I shared the roadshow + customization details on one of my posts. I hope you managed to get your razors customized. If you are still fretting what to give to your Dad for Father's Day, a new razor and a pile of razor blades will be a good idea.,.. And that was why Gillette Singapore and their awesome agency wanted to send me a razor (with a design of my own) to give as a Father's Day gift.

 photo P1040212_2.jpg

Since I have done mine earlier (paid for it, not sponsored). I could have just end it there and then. However, I thought, "Why not make this as a giveaway?". I shared my plan with the agency to have my ONE razor as a giveaway. They actually offered THREE Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall™ Technology POWER razors for my giveaway. What great news!

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 photo P1040206_2.jpg

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 photo P1040203_.jpg

Singapore Coffee Festival 2016: The Perfect Brew For Cafehopping and Coffee Lovers

If you are still wondering what to do this weekend, here's a suggestion: Make a trip down to the inaugural Singapore Coffee Festival event happening at the F1 Pit Building. I was there during the Trade and Media Day on Thursday. Public are able to enter into this ticketed event from 10 to 12 June 2016 (Friday to Sunday). Here is a quick post of some of the booths located at Level 2 of the event. Check out other coffee/cafe/lifestyle booths at Level 3 too. I was unable to visit the ones at Level 3 (at the time of writing as I had to head for a course).

My OOTD with the revolving "Singapore Coffee Festival" wordings at the ticketing booth.
(Thanks to the staff who helped to take it for me.)

Ticketing Booth
 photo P1030102_.jpg

Keep Calm and Drink Coffee
 photo P1030007_.jpg

The event covers a total of 2 levels at the F1 Pit Building
with more than 100 exhibitors onsite!
 photo P1030034_.jpg

 photo P1030100_.jpg

Coffee-themed art designs by local artists
 photo P1030008_.jpg

Paradiso Coffee
 photo P1030009_.jpg

Olivia from Paradiso Coffee introduced their organic-certified coffee from Papau New Guinea. With three types of roast available (Blue Mountain Gold Cappuccino and Espresso), indulge in the light, smooth and low-acidic unique brew, of the 100% Arabica beans handpicked and hand-roasted by professional roasters.

Shot pods for your Nespresso machine by Hook Coffee.
The coffee beans are sustainably-grown and ethically-produced sourced globally and roasted here.
 photo P1030014_.jpg

Lorgan & Sons is the first company to offer cold-brew coffee subscriptions to home and coffee
 photo P1030017_.jpg

Sample and purchase Lorgan & Sons bottled cold brew at the Singapore Coffee Festival. The company (Established by Lorgan Wong and his two sons) also supplies home and cafe owners with cold and nitro-brewing equipment (for sale/leasing). Their unique coffee tricycle is also available for hire, where you can serve cold brew draft on tap to your event guests. Great idea to serve to the coffee lovers at your events, parties or wedding.

For potential and current F&B owners, Detpak is the answer to your packaging needs.
 photo P1030018_.jpg

Their sales guy, Mark, introduced me to their array of eco-friendly packaging products range from cups, bowls, bags, napkins, etc. Being someone who tries to be as environmentally-friendly as possible, I was intrigued by the whole Eco-conscious supply chain that Detpak practices. One of Detpak's unique product offering is the Digital Cups, where digital and dimensional designs can be printed on the cups. Certainly a brilliant branding and marketing strategy!

 photo P1030019_.jpg

Learn different brewing methods with Papa Palheta
 photo P1030020_.jpg

 photo P1030021_.jpg

 photo P1030022_.jpg

 photo P1030023_.jpg

I witnessed a brief demonstration of how the
Chemax device is used to brew coffee
 photo P1030024_.jpg

Lust over the Rocket Espresso machines at the Stellar M booth
 photo P1030025_.jpg

 photo P1030026_.jpg

Check out Ninepress's cool Synesso hand-built espresso machine!
 photo P1030029_.jpg

 photo P1030031_.jpg

The Synesso MVP Hydra.
As Sexy as a White Stallion

 photo P1030038_.jpg

Coffee from Ninepress
 photo P1030041_.jpg

 photo P1030043_.jpg

 photo P1030044_.jpg

Cold brew coffee on tap
 photo P1030047_.jpg

Rose Moscato Tea from Amuse Projects
 photo P1030052_.jpg

Alcohol-inspired Sangria Punch Tea from Amuse Projects
 photo P1030054_.jpg

Cold-brewed Pina Colada Tea
 photo P1030055_.jpg

Unique test tubes with tea leaves from Amuse Projects
 photo P1030058_.jpg

The #RoastedInJapan booth by Good Coffee is all
about coffee beans roasted in Japan
 photo P1030067_.jpg

Visit Roasted In Japan booth to taste coffee roasted by "And Coffee Roasters" (Kumamoto) and "Glitch Coffee" (Tokyo).
 photo P1030069_.jpg

Acheh (Indonesia) coffee beans from Ketiara.
 photo P1030076__.jpg

Finesse Coffee explains the whole coffee supply chain at their booth
 photo P1030084_.jpg

The highly-raved Golden Duck Salted Egg Chips
are also available here!
 photo P1030086_.jpg

 photo P1030088_.jpg

I went nuts at all the healthy snack booths at the Singapore Coffee Festival as I reallllllly love healthy snacks and nuts. And ever since last year during my months in UK, I started snacking on healthy snacks since it was widely available there. I am glad to see that this whole healthy food snacking culture is getting more popular in Singapore. Even when I head to the cinemas to watch movies, I always bring along my healthy snack such as baked nuts, mixed nuts, to chew on. No popcorn and nacho chips for me! Uh uh~

Ann from The Whole Kitchen shared with me on their gourmet healthy food.
Key promo code to get $15 off when you order on their site. Free delivery for orders above $80.
 photo P1030070_.jpg

Superfood Pili Nuts from Pili Pushers
 photo P1030077__.jpg

The nuts from Pili Pushers are plucked from the pili trees at the foot of the majestic volcanoes in the lush rainforests of Philippines. Apparently, farmers climb these tress to pluc the ripe pili fruits. Skilled artisans crack each hard shell with great precision to extract the nuts. These food are all activated nuts so as to keep them raw, boost their nutritional availability and improving their digestibility.

Just to share, Pili nuts have 869% more vitamin E than almonds and 680% less carbohydrates than pistachios. Pili Pushers share the booth with heathy food and juice company Daily Juice. Daily juice offers cold-pressed juice, acai bowls, healthy snacks and salads, and are available for islandwide delivery, workshops, events and catering.

Amazin' Graze booth has special nut mix for the Ramadhan season
 photo P1030079__.jpg

Hayden from Amazin' Graze shared with me about their company and the products. The dehydrated dragonfruit snack was absolutely delicious!
 photo P1030080_.jpg

These are some of the other mixed nut flavours they carry.
 photo P1030083_.jpg

Was drawn to this booth due to the Rosella Tea, and that was when
I got to talk to May, whose company brought in the East Bali Cashews brand into Singapore.
 photo P1030091_.jpg

May shared with me on the story behind this social enterprise brand, East Bali Cashews, and how it was founded. The founder was a NGO volunteer in Bali and started this company to hire Indonesian mothers to work in the premises so that they can earn an income for their families. What was interesting is that a daycare centre was set up so that the children of these female workers can be placed there. In this way, the mothers can work in peace, knowing that their precious offspring are well taken care of - Provided with education, showers and meals. Check out [this BBC article] to learn more. At this booth, I bought the Cashew Crumble which consists of Roasted Snack Mix with Cocoa Chips, Rosella, Coconut and Caramel ($3.50) and a bag of Rosella Tea ($3.50). And I had the pack of Popcorn which is glazed with caramel and tossed in cashews ($2) too.

 photo P1030092_.jpg

Sip cuppa at the CSHH Coffee Bar
 photo P1030095_.jpg

Below is the exhibitor list at the festival... Which includes Common Man Common Roasters, Dapper Coffee (Check out their UNICORN TEARS and GOLD BREW), Grind Coffee, Hatter Street, HIC Juice, Hungry Heroes, Megafash, Oriole, PAUL, Project Acai, Smitten Specialty, Stranger's Reunion, Curious Palette, Symmetry Coffee, The Tuckshop, TOTT store Two Bakers and more. There are also local furniture shop Castlery, beauty brand Shiseido and more! Oh, there are also workshops, seminars, local lifestyle stores, movie under the Sky all happening at this event!

 photo P1030097_.jpg

The first Singapore Coffee Festival is from 10 to 12 June 2016 from 11am to 9pm. 
Visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information.
Prices are as per below:

General Public Admission
One-day access $18 (sales end 12th June 2016)
VIP one-day access to festival and VIP lounge with fast track entry $43 (sales end 12th June 2016)
one-day group pass (4 people) $44 (while stocks last)

DBS Card Holders
One-day access standard $15 (sales end 12th June 2016)
VIP one-day access to festival and VIP lounge with fast track entry $38 (sales end 12th June 2016)
one-day group pass (4 people) $38 (while stocks last)
three-days pass standard $28 (while stocks last)
VIP three-days pass $85 (while stocks last)

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